zero waiste = life style! its a must and very inspiring!!

now days, my solutions for all the plastic, that comes on all the food and products, is to recycle it, into my exstavanganca fashion collection – WYNJO.

my favorite recycle item “soya milk cartons”

make great silver “Prince” jackets –fundamental inspiration


issue: SAVE the Fjords
a tribute curated by wynjo


attention!! No too “mining waste” in the fjords!!
So far, over 1,500 people have threatened to break the law in order to save the fjords
Models: (Lene / Elisabeth)
Curated by: Wynjo

The Norwegian government has approved the massive disposal of mining waste in the Førde fjord. Nordic Mining has been allowed to extract rutile from the Engebø Mountain, and dump 250 million tons of mining tailings in the fjord,
over the next 50 years.
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On Friday the 17th April, the Norwegian climate- and environmental minister Tine Sundtoft gave her approval for a project where enormous amounts of mining tailings will be deposited in the Førde fjord.

In the north of Norway, a similar mine is in planning stages and awaiting permission. The mining company Nussir is planning a copper ore mine, where the tailings will be deposited in the Reppar fjord. If this mine goes ahead, more than 60 million tons of tailings will cover the bottom of the fjord over the next 30 years. The waste will contain heavy metals such as copper, which is classified by marine researchers as acutely toxic for many organisms in the fjord. The decision on this is expected before summer.
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Natur og Ungdom / Young Friends of the Earth Norway has decided that if the Førde fjord mine and disposal site is granted approval to start building we will do civil disobedience actions. This is something Natur og Ungdom rarely does, but this case is too important to lose. We cannot let one of Norway’s cleanest fjords become a waste disposal site.


Happy Mother Day

Photo on 01-05-16 at 19.23 #3.jpgphotos from April



photo made in our house in the fjord (january)


                  loving you, make me feel so free                                my everything,                                        on all the steps of the moon,                    I walk with you                          If I thought for just one moment that this would be my last breath, I tell you, I love you forever,                               even beyond death


I know you beautiful girl, don’t like dead flowers, you are a true nature lover.. you don’t want them as a gift or sign,  that’s one of the reasons I love you All the flowers on this photo was from a shop that wanted to “trash” them, they are now dried decoration:)