It all began after coming back from Los Angel, 17 years old and  taken in fire!!!for the big dreams!

It was all about

fashion, acting, modeling, the RUNWAY #attitude#

I got a renting contract on an old fabric hall on 900! Renovated it, after hard work, to a photo studio, even with a own runway, office and apartment…


DXD  did fast developed and the first year we registered over 500 people of all ages for the casting department, PeopleCasting.no

Our first paid clients booked extras to films and commercials…

xmag_001Photo from a local shop,  catalogue for client – Xibithion/Bergen

The very special art, of high fashion

..new faces..and models came weekly to the studio and worked on there portfolios, some of the youth that really wanted to work as a model, did it!


DXD build portfolios for around 60 girls and boys

20 of them worked internationally and very few of them, working at the scene today..


always knew that we only could be an agency that found new faces for the bigger agency’s, the high fashion model industry is unimaginable big.                                                                         DXD cooperated whit agency’s as IMG, Vouge Models, Storm UK, Das Models and 2morrowmodelmanagement.. 

Model: Helene photo by Gaute Hasti


posterUntitled ..still, to see the shy tall girl, straighten up her back and letting the confidence grow, earn money and doing a dream “just amazing” to witness. So many talents and dreamers..truly glad for getting to work with all this great models, amazing photographers, makeup artists

It been much more then just being a “agent” or booker..

Photo by, DXD

Photo by dd Model: Birgitte

edgy girls and BOYSall about being “avant-garde & healthy” 

All photos on this site is curated & arranged by DXD Model Managament 2006 to 2010 

during 4years, we made lots of fun events and got connected to other arty scenes..arranged around 50 runway shows and we also combined the fashion with political statements..


DXD also started to arranged Miss Norway and Model of the Year…that gave the girls “tickets” to join events like, Miss World and Miss Universe….peace and love and “that

Photo by: danydevero Model: Clarise (DXD)

As years go past, it became more and more wrong, the body view and wishes from the money making agency’s, I reached my limits. It crossed my personal moral and joy.

I stopped the studio and the booking and casting office,  I kept being an agent for some of the models working outside of Norway

I do love fashion and art.but take a great distance to the model industry standards, today.

Not only a one side view “its also a fact, that many girls just naturally skinny, and healthy”

It still don’t excuse the impact of the horrible body pressure, youth compare it`s own happiness and worth.