mojo dany devero

Constantly inspired by the experience in life. In this “log” Im announcing my wish to produce a new ROCK POP record, named, FAR.

FAR means Father in Norwegian, this album is to honor my father, and my self as a father.The producer HP is a grand father, the insane good drummer, is a father, maybe the pianist becomes soon a father, and to all the ones “FAR” out there..

I have high hopes that it will ready late this year or next. Its a demo to the crew and tune here: http://www.side3.no/vis/bandwagon/artists/11564468/view


Back in 2010, I did meet, Hans Petter Gundersen. The big music producer in town! Dreaming strong and in late autumn in 2015, we startet doing studio session, he made new guitar on the tracks, and where extremely positive and in few days, the basic guide on the record, had got its form, we celebrated with cake in the studio some days after, when the legendary drummer, Bjørn Sæthre, made the last “drums” track. Check this drummer out! Also for you that will lisen to the record, pay attention to the “piano” key`s, he is in the world class, Mr. Jonas Nilsen.

MOR is a mix of new glam and old style rockń roll!!!

Produced by Hans Petter Gundersen vocal: Roxy (danydevero)
drums: Bjørn Sæthre piano: JONAS NILSEN bass: Inger Simonsen,




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