This is writen for music press and bloggers

by: Endre from

After a wandering life as naked activist, mast opponent, model and reviled model agent,
acting in bad lighted porn movies, he is finally where he should be: wearing feather 
and high heels, with a large and hard microphone in his mouth.
Out of a dirty strip club in Berlin a early morning, in the cold neon light, 
with a smoldering cigarette in the long, slim nozzle;
Norway's new glam rock star comes.
 4 years ago he was told by super producer HP Gundersen to go into the world and act, 
play on as many stages as he manages, and come back when he was sated and ready 
to record the disc. The time has finally come.
With an in-penetrating voice and appearance that makes you think of 
David Bowie, Morrissey, Marc Bolan and Lou Reed in its gloss days. 
With a freedom greatest love and hunger that gets the most cynical Kygofan
to know the lords milk grow in his throat.
Long Play plate MOR is a glamorous and blood filled tribute from Dany Devero 
author to girlfriend, that waits their first child in may 2016.
Mor means mother in norwegian.

Vocals: Roxy (Dany Devero)   Guitar: HP Gundersen   Keys: Jonas Nilsen
            Bass: Inger Simonsen  Drums: Bjorn Sæthre  


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