Chapter ends, Saving the fuck`t forest failed

  • Fuck For Forest or Fuck For Fame?

FFF tv2"party"

It all started a late night on a metro in Berlin..that night, as usual, I did busking on the streets..Getting some money for food and THE art, of playing on the trains in metropolitan city!Dressing up in fabulous costumes, play out new ideas of tunes..

“let me go back some weeks, to start with”

The Norwegian government decided to make a power line from the fjords, where I have grown up.The action have horrible conveniences (97km) forest cutted down. Pholks from my village did protest and got arrested, even inprison.I where “stuckt” in Berlin and witnessing the event over internet. The extreme event got named, MONSTER MASTENE  documentary

Fuck For Forest

The night I meet the fff, I where singing about the forest in norway and fuckforforest showed there interest, specially the girl Natty “since that day she been my lover”

She insisted to bring me to the club, kit kat. We kisses but I where not that used to sex clubs, so  I runned away!…a week later..The monster-mast protests where in action all over Norway, and..Natty came to visit me at my gallery, and told me about the insane idea,  “having sex” in the capital church.

For attention to a good case..I got the massage, stop the monster masts, in the fjord, she got another massage, so We acually did it The massage why we did it, one off the fff founder made up, to the told the press. He also did not, take part of the action, but did the media, and with a totally strange I feelt to write little about it, cause that never really came out..


2weeks after the action, a mad mann in oslo, shoot near 80 people and pussy riot got prison “for doing karoke” all in the same time period..

Dany_Wernisaż 098

picture from opening performance @ the opening of my exhibition – washau / poland

We 2!  have done over 200 performances all over the world last 5years..From Brussel to  Beverly-hills back to the Punk Rock and even porn rock musicals..

I never been a nudist, and my lovely girl friend (on the photo) is not a nudist ether..

The Boring part..

I won`t go low, and write pages about “this and that”  but since I now have my own page&blog:)..I can at last express something whit writing.

Really great ide behind the NGO

Really fuckt up junkys running the NGO:)

It is 3years ago now, since I stoped to supporting the FFF

Personal fights whit the leadership in FFF, after almost, 3years, in the group. Last years the “leaders of fff”made roles of  payment of rent,  8 sex movies and 10 naked photo series, of other (3can be of myself)..madness!!payment for living in dirty house..Also after I saw, how money that shall be on nature,  often went in wrong ways, I started to question the “founders” during the last year active in the project. ..This developed to a anger from the “founders” and I where kicked out of the flat a winter day with Natty,

2houers before a booked fuckforforest berlin show !!:):p


So after I where kicked out and told, I destroy the project and steal his lover natty, I told them to fuck them self and delete sex videos and pictures.. They never did, year past by, I keept  telling them to delete all material, as a result of the conflicts and not wanting to support the cult. It been many emails and massages.

For some period they even “balck mailed” me for 2200euros, for deleting all my material on the web site..This is compliantly mad, so I asked them, pay me for filming and taking photos of 100people and more, for the FFF +  pay me everyday for each sex movie that are still online..This resulted in, most of the sex movies and pictures aren’t on the site, still fo sure some material..

it also feels very wrong in after time, all the issues for getting my material away, when I think about all the 100hundreds of people I made nude pictures of, and told, anytime you regret or want them away”fff will offcorse remove it”

Later on in the jungle

…in fact, I was complicity lost in the jungel whit no money, when the fff movie crew left me whit no money or return ticket, so yes, at that time I borrowed some money from FFF.. to take the boat down the river, together with Natty. That 200 euros, I gladly give them!

We traveled around 4000km from Iquitos to Rio de Janerio.With no cash! But lots of love.

FuckForForest themovie Film festival / / Paris

screening paris

Fuck For Fame fuckforforest the movie

I was told by the FFF founders, that I stole the fame, and destroyed the movie that shall be about the project..Im sorry FFF, I dident directed this movie. I think the movie is great, I know how it acually where, so its a very fine cutted film..about the fame, hahah Im super famous and where not invited to the first premier or movie screening!

never saw it before it went public…This even when I have a contract, where it stand, DD shall see and go “good” for the movie before distribution. In the contract I shall personally revise 12,5% on all income on the movie.Something I never got, and got told by the film crew, I will probably never get..


Fuck For Love

                  Love of my life, Natty!                                                                                                                                        We have now been together for 5years and we are this days waiting  our first child.


picture from workshop&performance @ center of sex and culture / SAN FRANSISCO


last to say, I cud not been a activist in fff for that many years, If I did not really like the project vision and saw that some of the money at last goes to nature protection.

what more..I not a nudist and have never been. Im not shy, never been.   Do love sex, and really experienced some wild sides of life, so what!!before fff and to be continued! Do also REALLY like the harmless way of getting attention on a action or specific issue-with being nude or have sex.Bethe then shooting people or boombing a train..and sex is the most naturally thing to do, sex, and it feels so good!!!



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